The first time I visited Lisbon and why I love it

After having traveled for 8 hours by bus during the night I arrived in Lisbon! The trip was really unconfortable (I have traveled in other buses around the World and the ones in Europe are soooo unconfortable…) but it doesn’t matter after all, I arrived happily! I was so excited to see after almost one year, one of my best friends ever. She is like my soul sister so you can imagine how excited I was!

I’ve been studying Portuguese since October last year and I was worried about my knowledge of it… I was worried for not understanding a word because portuguese pronunciation is very different than Brazilian, but after arrived to the “Estação do Oriente” and waited for my friend to pick me up, I entered into a cafetería and I asked for my first coffee and a brioche in Portuguese!!!! So, I DID IT!!!!!!! They undestood me!!!

Well, finally my friend arrived and it was as if time hadn’t passed… We talked and talked and talked… sooo many things to tell… lots of things that happened in a year!!!

That morning (‘cause I arrived at 7 am) we went to have breakfast in Estoril. Estoril is known by its  Casino and beaches, like Praia do Tamariz, where you can also find nice night clubs and bars! I’m sure you’ll have a great time if you go there.

Afterwards we went to Cascais, where I stood for 3 days. Cascais is very nice and chic and the beaches and the weather too. No matter if it’s Winter or Summertime , it’s always great!

I really like Portugal! It’s a country full of colours. The brightness of the light at Lisboa and the sea side, is beautiful! This country is a fusion of timelapses… you can feel the old and the new part of it. You can see old buildings next to the most modern buildings you’ve ever seen! Plus the portuguese design it’s high quality… I love it!

So, if you go to Lisbon, please don’t forget to eat “Pastéis de Belém”, “Bacalhau” and drink “Vinho Verde” (the best wine you can drink with sea food). Delicious!!!!!!

At Belém you must go to “Mosteiro dos Jerónimos” (The Hieronymites Monastery), I will call it an architectural wonder… with it’s “Manueline” architectural style you won’t be able to close your mouth! It’s amazing… It’s a late-Gothic monastery  where also the Royal Portuguese Family, the poet  Luís de Camões and the  navigator Vasco da Gama are buried. And guess what??? Yes, it’s since the 1983 with the Tower of Belém a World Heritage Site of the UNESCO

After having visited different beautiful places between Cascais and Lisbon, now it was time to leave… I really hope I can come back soon, I’m in love with this country!

I want to thank my friends in Portugal for making this trip as great as it could be! Thank you so much for the nice time I spent with you! It was great meeting you all again and hope to see you as soon as possible! Thank you Soul Sister and Muchacho for letting me stay at your place! I love you guys!

I want to mention also a wonderful night closet o Cabo da Roca with two friends of mine! It was epic and I really enjoyed it!


Next stop….?

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  1. Oh I feel so honored and grateful for having you in my life! This post is great… Kinda poetic, just like Portugal!!!
    I love you with all my heart. Keep posting! I love your blog!!!
    I miss you.
    Ano passado passamos o seu aniversários juntas. Este ano não Será possível, mas meu coração estará com vc!!!
    I am in Africa right now! 😉
    Take care my dear Karlinha!

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