walking Granada for one day -Spain

After leaving my heart in Madrid, I went to the south… Granada! I wanted to stop at Córdoba for the day, but all the train tickets in Madrid were sold out and I decided to go directly to Granada, but I had to wait like 5 hours for my train!!!!! Thank God “S” was with me and made my time fly! Because, you know what? HAPPY TIMES FLY FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we said goodbye (sinf snif, sometimes it’s sooo hard to leave) and I took my train to Granada… It took like 4 hours to get there but the landscape was beautiful!!! Lots of olive trees everywhere!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

When I arrived to Granada and as the doors of the train opened, I felt the warmth of the citiy. It’s a magical city. The fussion of cultures is amazing… In Spain they had 8 centuries of Arabian Occupation and it’s incredible that you can still feel it! I’m so attracted to that culture that I loved being there and feel that fussion: The people (their faces, they are beautiful!), the music, the art, the food, the architecture… I’m speechless!

What I loved the most was the Alhambra and Generalife! Now I understand why they belong to the UNESCO!!!! If it’s true that we live other lifes, then I understand why I felt like I’ve been there before… I can’t explain it… just felt it…

What all my senses loved was the smell in the city… it’s incredible how many different smell there are! My favourite one was the orange flower smell… the whole day, everywhere! It was a medicine for my soul!!!!! Also the “especias” and the garlic smel… OMG! Just remembering them I get goose skin and a big big smile!

So, I’m siting in the train station in Granada and i have to wait for about 4 hours till my train to Sevilla departs. The same thing happened to me in Madrid, but there I was with some one who waited with me the whole time. So, this time as I have no one next to me, I’m using my time for writing a Little bit for my blog.


My Worldwide Traveling Feet are so anxious for dancing a Little bit of Flamenco there!!!!!!!

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