One Weekend at Valletta in Malta


Without knowing much about this southern little country located in the centre of the Medterranean sea, I took my small suitcase, my TOP 10 Malta guide and flew to the adventure.

I arrived to Valletta, the capital of Malta, without having a hotel where to stay. It was high season, and I had to walk around the city for finding a place to stay for about two hours. In the mean time I met in the Tourist Information Office  an old maltease man that lives in the US and was back in Malta for holidays. He was such a nice man, very funny and so gentle to explane me some about the city. It is so nice to meat people from their own country, I love that, that’s the best way to get to know a new place.

Luckily I found a great B&B right in front of the Saint John’s Cathedral, it was perfectly located. So after having found it I decided to go out again and keep on walking. I walked, walked and walkd for I don’t know how many hours. The fussion of architecture, cultures, languages, etc makes this city fascinating. I felt like if I were in Europe, but at the same time in northen Africa and at the same time lost in time. Deffenetly Valletta has a special feeling, I totaLly understand why the whole city is a Wolrd Heritage Site of the UNESCO.

So, where to go? Obviously it’s a must to enter into Saint John’s Cathedral, built by the Knights of Malta between 1573 and 1578. It contains eight rich decorated chapels, each of which was dedicated to the patron saint of the 8 languages of the Knights. As soon as you entere in it, you can keep you mouth close, it’s amazing!

But if what you are looking for is to PARTY, then the must is going to PACEVILLE, located west of St. Julian’s bay is an informal district heavily populated with nightclubs, bars, pubs and restaurants, and is the place for the nightlife on the island. It is very crowded, but I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun there, at least I did!!!

The people, the language, the food, the buildings, the atmosphere, the landscape, the beaches and all the small bays, make this small island unique.

I have to say that this little country bewitched me.

0 thoughts on “One Weekend at Valletta in Malta

  1. Ohhh quiero ver esos barquitos de azul amarillo y rojo… vi unas fotos donde parece que les pintan ojitos y si los ves de frente parece una carita XD

    La catedral wow, esta cara la entrada pero creo que merece la pena viendo las fotos!

    • Que genial que irás Gaolga, estoy segura que te encantará ya que es un destino que vale muchiiismo la pena conocer y que poca gente se anima a ir. A mi me fascinó y la catedral es una cosa impresionante, realmente si vale la pena gastar lo que cuesta la entrada. 😀

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