“All roads lead to Rome…”

There’s a proverb that says : “All roads lead to Rome”…  And I totally agree!

My worldwide traveling feet brought me this time to this magical city, where past, present and future merge.

Rome, the “Caput Mundi”, for me is one of the most amazing cities in the world, not only  because I’ve lived there and know the roman way of life, but also because of all the mysticism that lingers in that romantic air.

No matter where you’re looking at, you’ll see a piece of art. It’s like walking in a  museum. Something I love is to walk on the roman streets and to think how many people have stepped on those roads, stones and sidewalks through the centuries…

No matter it’s the Italian capital city, you won’t feel it… the small streets, the old biuldings, the Stone roads, the monuments, the food’s smell, the bunch of tourists and different languages you’ll hear will make you feel as if you where anywhere else but in the capital city. And no, there’s no time machine, so remember that you are in the XXI century!!!!

Every street has at least one restaurant, because as you know, italians eat a lot. The roman food is good, but always go for the typical roman pasta: Amatriciana, carbonara, caccio e peppe… and for dessert a gelato, panna cotta or the best tiramisù you’ll ever try!!!!

The best thing of Rome is that you won’t need a car for getting to know it… you can see the most important monuments, museums and city zones by walking…

The city center is not that big, and to go from the Spanish steps to the Fontana di Trevi and then to the Panteon you’ll need about a 20 minute walk… isn’t it great???

Something I love about Rome, is that you’ll listen to all kind of languages while you’re walking down the streets. People from all over the world have to come at least once in their life to this city, where the Vespas drive through and where people enjoy LA DOLCE VITA.  I had the opportunity of get to know people from so many different coutries that I never got bored at all. It was great to Exchange languages with them. Actually there are some language Exchange groups that make easier to meet people, mostly if you are a foreigner… and let me tell you something: I made friends from Spain, Serbia, Croacia, England, Germany, Austria, the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brasil, France, Rumania, Poland, Argentina and others… but obviously lots italian friends!  That culture Exchange is one of the richest experiences I’ve ever lived in my life. It doesn’t matter where you come from and what language you speak, the important thing is to spend your time with fabulous people!!!!

Thank you all for your time, your friendship and the moments we spent together!  Thank you for being part of one of the best moments of my life!

Rome, the city I can’t take out of my head and my heart…. I really hope that my feet will lead me there back soon!

Baci a tutti!!!!!!!

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  1. … amigaa patitooo!!!.. me sacaste unas cuantas lagrimas!!!! lo unico que puedo decir TE EXTRAÑOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! que bonito escribes!!.. love it!..
    me hiciste recordar muchos momentos!!!.. te quiero muchoo!!!!

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