Walking Sevilla, the best way to get to know this city.

Sevilla… how can I start writing about that WOW city!?  If I liked Granada… I have to say that I LOVED Sevilla! What a city! With it’s Guadalquivir river, with all that beautiful people, delicious food (I have to say I haven’t had a bad meal in the whole time I’ve been in Spain)… Flamenco dresses everywhere, with that orange blossom smell wherever you go, garlic and spices smells too! Warm weather, beautiful buildings and colors, flowers, churches, culture, music…

It’s a very very very fun and romantic city! I would have loved to have someone next to me on that trip… it would have been soooo romantic… going out together walking hand to hand, having a drink outdoors,  listening to flamenco music, watching the moon over the Cathedral’s tower “LA GIRALDA” (‘cause it was full moon…) and sorounded by exquisite essences, isn’t it romantic?   But well, I was just day dreaming… I had a wonderful time just for my self!!! Sometimes traveling alone is also very nice…

Before I forget, I want to mention that the night I arrived to Sevilla I met two very nice mexican guys, Alex and Marcelo, and as I didn’t know anybody there and I was alone, I went with them to have some drinks. It is so nice to meet people in a randomly situation, an most of all when they are that nice… Our Spanish night out was great! Thank you guys for giving me one fun nigh in Sevilla! Hope I can post soon our World Wide Traveling Feet picture!!!!

Well, I said that Granada is a mixture of cultures… you know what? Sevilla is way more! It’s amazing! The Giralda and the Cathedral… WOW! Imagine one mosque that then turned into a gothic catholic church and where  Cristobal Colón was burried (well, not anymore, just his tomb, he is now buried in Dominican Republic), isn’t that a great mix of cultures???

In front of the Cathedral there’s the “Archivo General de Las Indias” that is the building where are all the writings and maps and everything that belonged to the colonization of America (I mean the continent).

But what I most loved of the Sevilla buildings, was the REAL ALCÁZAR. I just can say: A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!! Wow, so much islamic art everywhere!!! I love islamic art and I have to say that when I entered into the main romos of the Alcázar, I just could close my mouth… Of course now is one of the World Heritage of the UNESCO.

So please, do me a favore… if you go to Sevilla, don’t forget to enter there… you won’t regret!

Flamenco and Tablaos… a unique experience you have to try at least once in your life!!!! The music, the dances, the passion, the vibe… What can I say… there’s nothing sexier than a man dancing Flamenco…. WOHOOOO!

I am fascinated with this city!!! I’m so sorry I just had two days for visiting it, but I enjoyed it so much! Can’t wait to come back for a longer period.


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