Villa D’Este at Tivoli, a paradise close to Rome

p1170325Around one hour from Rome, on a hill, you can find Tivoli, a small town with small streets and an old feeling atmosphere. At the roman times, it was one of the most important places to spend the summer because during it Rome is soffocatingly hot and it’s fresh and sunny at the same time. Tivoli is a magical small town with small streets, old buildings and cozy restaurants.


Tivoli is also famous because it’s World Heritage Site of the UNESCO: the VILLA D’ESTE. It is an example of the italian renaissance architecture and gardens. It was built by the comisión of the Cardinal of Tivoli Ipolito d’Este, son of Lucrezia Borgia. The Villa is sorrounded by foutains, cascades, pools and water plays, including an organ that is played by water twice a day… please, don’t waste your time listening to it… it’s a big delusion… I would recommend instead to take a walk through the beautiful gardens decorated with marble sculptures and the eternal running fountains.


If you go to Tivoli I’m sure you won’t regret it…

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