Touristing around Mexico City

So, my feet had brought me this time to Mexico City!!!!!!

No matter if I’ve been here since many months ago, I’m always fascinated with this magnificent AZTEC city.

It has so many colors, so many contrasts and so many smells and noises… it’s amazing! Everywhere you go there’s a bar, a shop but mostly: RESTAURANTS! It’s incredible how much you can eat here… there are all kind of restaurants!! So if you decide to come to Mexico be sure you have a routine when you go back home, because I’m sure you’ll get some weight here…

Mexico City is a city full of sightseeing places. There are pyramids, colonial buildings, little tows that became part of the city (and when you go there you feel like if you where in an other places…), lots of malls, cinemas, theaters, and it’s the city with most museums in the World (more than 180), parks, a castle, aztec ruins, modern buildings, etc, but no matter what people thinks, Mexico City is a green city… there are trees and flowers and parks everywhere….

It’s a bright city during the day with all the shiny colors you can see everywhere, but also a bright city during the night, the night life is amazing!!!!!! You’ll shine!!!!

Something that I love, is all the fusion of cultures and times in one same place… what I mean with times is the history periods you can see in the buildings… you can have the ruins of a pyramid next to a colonial cathedral that is also next to a very modern minimalism building…. ( the fact is that when I see all this, I remain speechless).

So, why don’t you start moving your feet and come and see all the beauties this city offers???????

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